Sunday, August 29, 2010

Travel without leaving home

I would like to say that I traveled to some faraway exotic locale this weekend. But, the truth be told, I did not. Only from my computer where I found a very special button within my photography software. The "auto correct" button. Press that and your pictures look professional. I have many, many awesome photographs of Italy, Mexico, the Eastern Seaboard and from here to the San Juan Islands. So, in a sense I did some major traveling. And I discovered some forgotten areas that we have traveled.

You might say that this has nothing to do with food. But to me it's included in the package. You need to be able to find those out of the way places for a chance to savor the area through the local food. Wild hare and pappardelle in Italy, succulent shrimp stuffed into a poblano chili smothered in cheese from Puerto Vallarta, lobster rolls and crab stuffed haddock in York Harbor, Maine. And last, but not least, freshly caught Northwest Salmon with a berry hazelnut compote. I am getting hungry just thinking about the possibilities!

All these entrees and more have enticed me to the "joy of cooking". Everytime I travel I marvel at how much I can learn about a destination, it's people, lifestyle and the local food. I am ready to travel at the drop of a hat. I tell my hubby that I could be packed and ready to go anywhere. Just give me one hour and I'm gone for the next adventure!

But, right now I get to go to the kitchen and prepare another "diet dinner". Hopefully my travels to bed, bath and beyond and Raley's have inspired me. Looks like I'll need it.

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