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Bavarian World

Don't let the neighborhood sway you from trying this restaurant.  Bavarian World is somewhat of an icon in Reno, occupying the same location for almost 40 years.  That is a long time for any restaurant around here!  As you step into the "foyer" you have arrived into a different world.  To the right is a full deli with meats, cheeses, deli items along with an array of breads and pastries or pies and cakes.  Who knew!  There is also a small market displaying all things Bavarian.

We were there to celebrate my father's 85th birthday.  Historically, he loves his pork and dumplings, being of Czech (Bohemian) heritage.  The decor in the restaurant mimics an Octoberfest vibe even down to the polka music.  The waitress was attentive and busy as the restaurant began to fill.  Menu items include Wienerschnitzel, roasted pork, dumplings, red cabbage, sauerkraut, spaetzel and assorted sausages, salads and liver dumpling soup.

We factored in dessert since it was a birthday celebration.  Must have cake!  Dessert selection time was difficult with so many choices.  On the table of six we had German chocolate cake, black forest cake, and, my favorite, a honeycomb bavarian cream pastry that melted in your mouth.  I'll go back for the dessert! 

Large salad (Bavarian cobb)

Roasted pork with dumpling and sauerkraut

Wienerschnitzel with spaetzel

All in all the experience was great!  My ONLY regret is that I wish it was closer to where I live!


Twisted Fork

The name, Twisted Fork, for me, conjures up images from early days of MTV featuring a big hair band called "Twisted Sister".  I'll just say, I'm way off base.  This new eating establishment in South Reno hit a home run on a recent visit.

I confess, I was a little worried because I had started ANOTHER weight loss plan.  More on that when I'm willing to divulge, but this is neither the time or place, right now.  Eating out can make or break good intentions.  I was prepared and did my groundwork, perusing the menu online before I got to the door.  We didn't make reservations, big mistake, as it was jam packed.  That's either a good sign or it was Washington's birthday weekend.  Both were true!

Twisted Fork has an innovative, varied menu.  There is something for everyone!  Entrees such as tiger shrimp tamal, pan roasted salmon, roasted chicken, ham potpie, porcini mushroom ravioli and risotto crab croquettes grace the menu.  I chose a root vegetable salad, mixed greens with a cashew encrusted goat cheese and topped with a side of seared ahi.  Wonderful and beautiful presentation.

The service was good as was the atmosphere.  I'll be sure to return...there is an order of tiger shrimp tamal with my name on it!

Open for lunch and dinner next to RC Wiley on Steamboat Parkway in South Reno.


So Much More Than Coffee

Don't let the name fool you.  This new eatery, UN CAFFE,  is MUCH more than a place to stop for coffee and luscious pastry!  I'd like to say that "3rd time is the charm", however, each time we've eaten there we ordered the same thing.  How does one give a proper review based on an Italian Cobb salad and margherita pizza?

The salad of crisp romaine lettuce, pancetta, and Gorgonzola was perfectly veiled with a light basil ranch dressing.  I need this dressing recipe.  Upon arrival of the margherita pizza and after the first bite, I was immediately back in Roma.  It was supremely authentic.    At a table near us a lively party of six was devouring the arancini balls, which is a fried risotto rice ball stuffed with smoked mozzarella.   This girl will soon be devouring some of those!

With my recent meal, I broke from "tradition" and ordered the hand rolled pappardelle with a meat Bolognese sauce.  Once again, I found myself in Tuscany, savoring a bit of Italy.  My associate (hubby) made a very wise choice with the house made shrimp scampi ravioli.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Pappardelle with Bolognese

Shrimp scampi ravioli

Not only is the food great, the service is amazing.  This is my kind of place, and thanks to executive chef, Cheri Rhodes and her staff for coming to Reno.  I'm already looking forward to another return trip.  Un Caffe is located in the South Meadows area at 9333 Double R Boulevard.  Check it out for yourself.  You 'll be pleasantly surprised.   For hours of operation and menu, click on Un Caffe, above. 


Judging from the looks of this Reno/Tahoe Reviews tab, it would appear I never go out to eat.  That's partially true.  I try not to, but I do get the urge once in a while to be "served".  Most things on the menu I can usually cook myself for a fraction of the cost, sometimes better, sometimes, not!  

On a recent trip downtown we decided on a new restaurant called SoDo.  Because my appetite was not too ravenous, I chose a spring salad with mixed greens, candied walnuts, goat cheese, green apples, dried cranberries drizzled with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette.  I had the server throw a few seared scallops in and I was good to go.  That is until the chocolate creme brulee appeared in front of me.  Hmmm...all of a sudden my appetite was back.  There's just something special about creme brulee.   With the frenzied clicking of four spoons (4 of us shared this), we polished it off in record time!  I have to say, I will return.  I liked the service, the atmosphere, the menu and the chocolate creme brulee, last but not least!

Sodo is located  near Arlington, on Hill St, just down the street from the Co-op market.

Being someone who cooks, ALOT, I don't get the opportunity to frequent restaurants as much as I'd like to.  My town, Reno, has been on the "revitalization track" for MANY years.  I think the powers that be finally have the right mix of unique restaurants in the downtown region.    On a visit last week when the weather was Spring-like, we took a drive to the Reno core skirting the great Truckee River.  We just walked around enjoying the sunshine and vibrancy of the area.  I had heard that a few eating establishments had opened up, and I'm always ready to give them a try.

We stumbled upon the West Street area where we found a French, a Greek and a gourmet pot pie restaurant all in the same block!    What really makes that special is that they are not large box type franchises.  In my opinion, there are too many of these in Reno.  Give me a unique dining experience, please! 

Zpie is a small eatery on West Street a block and a half from the river.  We arrived well before dinner time so we chose to take out.  The gourmet pot pies are frozen for transport.  Just pop them in the oven when you get home.  There's a variety to choose from such as chicken mushroom, Thai chicken, steak/Cabernet, Italian sausage, and more.  We decided on the rosemary lamb, a blend of lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, green bean, onions, rosemary, mint with a balsamic reduction.  Pretty tasty!  In addition to their pies, the menu boasts unique appetizers, great salads and dessert pies!

What a welcome addition to the Reno restaurant scene!  You can check them out at  


I've been a Reno/Tahoe resident for over 35 years.  I love the area and what it has to offer.  As you know, some of my "favorites" revolve around food and travel.  Even though I won't be traveling very far, most of the time,  I'd like to wander the beautiful areas surrounding the Sierra Nevadas to bring you (review) some of the "best" and "not so good" meals.

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