Thursday, August 19, 2010

DeMarzo Spa Retreat & Learning Center

Our yard is now a grand spa for animals! While out watering this morning I came across a lizard nibbling on my cherry tomatoes! I always thought that they were good for the garden because they ate all the bugs. So, either this one is not too bright or very, very smart. That's what made me think that I missed the class held earlier this Spring called "How to eat Wendy's garden, 101". I have all the classmates living in my yard and this was their curriculum.

1. No need for waiting on the harvest, just eat, eat eat.

2. Red does not mean stop. It is favorable to eat those red tomatoes.

3. Chewing the snow peas are fun and delicious.

4. Don't let the sunflowers get too tall. You will not be able to reach them so start with the roots. They are tastier anyway.

5. Rabbits have seniority so let them eat flowers.

6. If you see Wendy approaching, don't worry, you can run faster.

7. If she has a gun, beware, the gun does not shoot straight.

8. Look out for the gray cat. She has a harness on so walk within 10 feet of her. Teasing is fun for you and frustrating for the kitty.

9. After she waters you can go have that spa treatment under the dewy branches. Feels so refreshing.

10. Last, but not least, in order to graduate you must eat twice your weight in produce or you will be banished from "Wendy's garden of Eden" forever!
Tomorrow, I'll feature Greek style pasta, hopefully with tomatoes!

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