Friday, August 27, 2010

A Food Failure!

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." Beverly Sills

Yes, we all have them. I'm sure even Emeril, Giada and Mario have had them as well! You may never see them on TV unless it's a blooper segment. But, I can safely say that I will never buy brown rice pasta again. Or at least not that brand. (I'll never tell.) Yuk...what a clumpy mess that turned out to be!

My starving husband wandered in after work and starred in disbelief at this lumpy experiment. I figured , how bad could it be? Well, it looks nice on film but the taste and texture was not going to win any contest on the Food Channel. As he proceeded to doctor it up with butter, olive oil and cheese and pepper, I realized that no amount of anything would save this disaster. Sorry, Babe! Is that why we'll be going out tonight?


  1. We have all had that happen. I think Julia handled it the best. Someday I will write about the unfortunate tofurkey episode, ugly, very ugly. Have you tried Barilli Plus. It adds the fiber, but is better than whole wheat. The fiber makes a nutty flavor, it is my favorite, unless I'm making fresh, of course. That doesn't happen very often. I will try your couscous soon and let you know. Sue

  2. Thanks, Sue. I'll try the barilla again. I'm on a real strict eating plan so I thought that would be a good option. NOT! I'll write about my esgargot episode if you tell me about the tofurkey! Wendy