Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So I'm a little weird!

Simple pleasures, I always say, delights me the most. I can be most happy perusing a book store, a well-stocked deli or just plain lying on a gorgeous beach with a good book! On one of our trips we found ourselves seeking out the Italian community deli. In Providence, Rhode Island we hit the mother lode. Unfortunately, we never had enough time to immerse ourselves in the neighborhood. But, we did manage to visit this Italian market where everything you could imagine was displayed. Of course we had our pannini for lunch. The owners were gracious enough to allow me to photograph the cases filled with meats, cheeses, salad, olives and the pasta isle! I know that's pretty weird but it's my way of preserving the memories. Include all you can and then more!

After lunch we strolled down the street to an authentic pasticceria. The beauty of all the pastries, cookies and cakes were paralyzing. The sweet aroma filling the air was intoxicating. We were hit with vanilla, cinnamon and the scents of freshly baked breads. We lingered a while as our cannolis were packaged up for later. We claimed we were full and would need to take them "to go". Unfortunately, I was so stunned by the beauty that I forgot to take pictures!

We hurried to our car. We were on a schedule and needed to find another Inn on the coast of Connecticut. Five minutes later the smell began to envelop our car. Even though we were "still full" we eagerly and laughingly shared our cannoli's as we drove to the next adventure! Simple Pleasures!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience! Funny I would have done the same thing. I don't think it's weird at all. So beautiful.

  2. We have an Italian deli at Pike Place Market; I could spend hours and lots of $$$. Great pecorino! Not so strange at all! Sue