Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cross this off my Bucket List

Yes, I continue my weirdness. This post has nothing to do with food or travel but I was able to cross this off my bucket list. We decided to lay tile in our entryway outside. How difficult could it be, right? Isn't it like those little mosaic kits I used to do as a child?

We started out very positive, very ambitious and very early. First hour we managed to mix the thin set to a consistency like peanut butter. We can do this. By 10am we have 2 tiles placed. We are lightning fast! By 11am the sun is beating down on us and probably 85 degrees. Those smiles we had are quickly turning to frustration. The area is not even close to being square so the measuring is becoming tedious. But, we find a rhythm and persevere.

By 2:30pm our energy is waning and we're, maybe, halfway done. The heat is beginning to sizzle my brains and Ralph is getting increasingly cranky. As we continue to measure and lay each tile, the grout lines are just not matching up. Could it be quitting time? No, we are not quitters! Ralph makes the executive decision to go back to "the Depot" to ask about a cutting tool that will cut certain angles.

On the way home he calls to tell me that the guy who checked out his rented tile saw forgot to give him the angle cutter! What! Well, no wonder we were seemingly clueless! He drove up and now we are on a mission to finish or else. I'm thinking it's now about 95+ degrees. Sweat is pouring down my face and body. This is not good. As my driven husband is sawing away I'm beginning to shirk my duties. I'm the measurer and tile "butterer" and he is the cutter and tile layer. Such a great team. But, all I can do at this point is dowse myself with the hose. So, I'm standing in the front yard hosing myself down. I'm sure the neighbors thought we were loony but I just didn't feel like having heat stroke and that's where I was headed. As the sun was setting we called it a day. We showered and hurried to one of our favorite Italian restaurants and had a crab cake salad and some tasty Pinot Noir. No entree but we managed to have a cannoli each. Tip: You should always save room for desert or maybe just start with the desert and work backwards! We savored every luscious bite. Was all that hard work worth it. Yes, we did an awesome job! Looks great! The end. (until the next project)

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  1. Wendy, I think you and Ralph are ready for HGTV, the entryway looks great! Love your blog, its perfect. I may even have to try that chocolate cake - Mike and Charlie would love it!