Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Great Slim Down

I am ready for the great American slim down! I realized that I'll need to be in a bathing suit in Tropical Costa Rica coming up soon! The panic begins. My imagination runs wild with ways to make most of my recipes healthy. I should have my masters or PhD in this subject. I've probably lost the same 15-20 lbs. over the course of 35 years. But, because I love to cook and eat they always creep back on. I have tried weight watchers, Dr Atkins and several doctor initiated programs. Since May, I have been walking quite regularly with no results. So now I need drastic measures to drop those pounds and fast!

I am eating but only vegetables, mostly raw. Yum, yum...and 2 servings of fruit a day. Also, add to the mix, grains, potatoes and rice, plain. Again, do I hear a yum? Basically, no animal protein which is all meat, eggs, dairy and some beans. No oil or butter! I'm into day 3. I notice a slight difference although I would love to drop about 30 lbs. As I write this I'm gnawing on raw carrots. Delightful! If I happen to run into you, please do not feed me or tempt me with ice cream or chocolate. I will hunt you down!

I will continue to cook for Ralph (my wonderfully svelte husband) but he'll need to add the meat and olive oil, cheese, etc. Actually, he knows the drill and has been quite accomodating over the years. I managed to come up with a veggie couscous that was pretty tasty. Tonight I'll make some brown rice pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic that I roasted earlier.

I will keep you posted on my results. I know it's not great reading but, maybe there is someone out there I can help by doing this. Don't worry I have plenty of proven recipes I'll write about. I won't subject you to this eating plan. I have to admit, though, that when I am dieting I am extremely inventive! That is the sign of a good cook and I will claim that title!

Veggie couscous recipe, tomorrow. This too shall pass....

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