Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Garden Thief

Okay, there will be no green bean recipes! Could it be that this lovely creature feasted on them while I was asleep?
One of my early morning routines is to stroll through my garden and take stock of its bounty. But, sometimes, before I'm able to make it out there I have my "little helpers" surveying the grounds for me. Did you know that most flowers and plants are edible? To squirrels and rabbits they are! They are even crafty enough to tunnel under the fencing surrounding my green beans, sunflower, chives and parsley. It's amazing how they know exactly when the plants are ripe and ready for the picking.

I know for a fact that they must have hacked my computer because they knew when we left for a few days. I stopped my mail delivery via online so I'm sure they were privy to that information. Chip and Dale's descendants were probably waving to us as we drove away and scurried over to my sugar snap peas that were thriving and gobbled them up!

I guess I can't blame them. Fresh veggies are the best! Luckily I'll still have my tomatoes and zucchini! Or they haven't acquired the taste for them yet!

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