Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Help from my Friends

This last weekend was a flurry of activity.  The painter primed cabinets on Friday evening so he was ready to put the base coat on and paint some of the walls, ceiling, etc.  Before this happened the construction crew came in for finishing touches, sheet rock sanding, cabinet cutting and remounting, moving of phone jack, etc.  Our crew is the best!  They're doing a fantastic job and they even clean up after every day (as best they can).  They even get some unsolicited help. (see the cat climb.  She has a fascination with ladders)

Saturday evening we celebrated our son's birthday with a dinner at one of Reno's oldest Italian restaurant.  The only regret I have is that I  traditionally make his triple chocolate cake for him.  Oops, not this year.  No oven!   I promised to make it for him when the remodel is finished.  In the meantime his beautiful girlfriend made an assortment of decadent cupcakes.  Although I didn't try them (they were for a party they had later) the description and ingredients (bailey's Irish cream, butter cream frosting!) sounded awesome!

On Sunday the painting continued.  Later that evening we went to our wonderful neighbors, Al and Vi.  Vi, the master griller, put together a great Italian BBQ pork tenderloin with a pesto mascarpone filling encrusted with fresh herbs from her garden.  So good, I'll definitely be trying that.  To accompany this, she made an orzo mixed with herbs, tomatoes, onions and mint.  (I'm sure I'm leaving something out.)  Fantastico!

Vi's grilled pork tenderloins with minted orzo!

It was such a nice diversion from the "wrecking ball scene" at our home.

More progress!

 Then she brought out chilled berries in champagne glasses, drizzled with limoncello!  Yum!  While sipping more limoncello we talked about our travels to Italy and beyond.  It was truly a lovely evening.  Thanks again, Al and Vi!

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