Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hot August Nights - An Evening in Downtown Reno

Every year Reno hosts one of its largest events.  "Hot August nights" is a time to dust off your 56 Chevy and wiggle into your poodle skirt.  It's quite an event with thousands of the 50-60's crowd flooding the area.  Cruising, prom night, car shows, music...It's all about that American Graffiti time! 

The real reason we got in on the festivities was because we were invited for dinner at my son and girlfriend's home which is on the Truckee river overlooking all special events that are held in Reno.  Usually, we wouldn't venture out to some of these special events because parking is a nightmare!  But, we happened upon a parking pass right next to their condo.  What luck!

The meal Jeremy and Leilani put together was fantastic!  Marinated lamb chops laced with soy and curry, grilled peppers and  sweet pineapple, white truffle french fries and a beautiful salad with goat cheese, slivered almonds and a balsamic dressing.  These kids can cook!
Leilani- one of her many talents

As the full moon appeared, we walked downtown to gawk at all the hot rods.  Car after brightly painted car cruised before us.  Even an old VW and a 64 Chevy impala (both cars I drove as a teenager I mean a baby; I wasn't that old! ) were in the parade.  Yes, I remember cruising and drag racing.  I was a little on the young side though.  I remember my sister driving and she would make me duck whenever a cute boy drove past.  It wasn't cool to have your baby sister tagging along, I guess!

When we returned to the condo, Jeremy and Leilani finished off the beautiful evening with home made ice cream.  The flavor of the day was goat cheese and milk, mint chocolate chip ice cream!  Wow!  A shock to the taste buds but in a good way!  Thanks Jeremy and Leilani for the great time we spent with you!

(Tomorrow an update on the kitchen remodel.)


  1. Great fun! I've always heard it is a fun time in Reno. We are yet to see a hot August night here. I need to take my blackjack skills to Reno one of these days!

  2. Yes, you do! You could have Tom take you to the prom and dance to motown!