Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - Getting Down to the Wire

We are beginning week three of the kitchen remodel.  The granite is almost complete and I'm a happy girl.  Today the sink, faucets, cabinet doors, hinges, knobs, etc. are being installed as I speak.   Light fixtures, carpet tacking, baseboards, and appliance installation are in the near future.  I should be back in business by week's end, hopefully.

A peek at the granite

We were thankful for the dinner invites over the weekend.  Although, cameras were a bit intrusive, we enjoyed our dear friend's dinner, yard and friendship, immensely.  Their property is very zen-like, with tall pines, grasses and huge waterfall tumbling towards the patio area.  Beautiful, relaxing!

Meals continue in my gourmet garage.  I snagged some rustic Italian bread which was leftover from our meal by "waterfall resort".  So, last evening, I threw together a panzanella penne pasta.  I'll post  the recipe later this week.  Other than the pasta, our meals were a bit lack luster.   I'm proud to say that we haven't had any meals out, other than with friends and family.  We survived on baked potatoes, mixed sauteed veggies, quesadillas with the first harvest of zucchini.  I will surely be inundating you with a bunch of zucchini recipes once again!

Veggie quesadilla

Grilled chicken with foil wrapped veggies

Sauteed zucchini and beet tops

All in all, this major remodel has been a breeze, thanks to a great crew, a little more patience, and help from our friends and family.  We appreciate you all!

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