Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Big Reveal - Kitchen Remodel

I find myself admiring my "new kitchen" from every angle and I love what I see!   The smooth sparkly granite mesmerizes me.  I can't believe its finished and all within 3 weeks, and mostly without a hitch.  The crew at Sierra Homes was amazing!  Our painter pretty much "hangs the moon".  He had quite a job transforming our sturdy oak cabinets.  My dad and his friend, Bud built these cabinets to last.  I struggled with the idea of painting over them, but to me, I'm preserving them for many more years to come!

With the addition of a gas cook top, I'm learning to cook all over again!  I haven't used gas since my first place when I was 18. (Just a few years ago!) So far I haven't burnt anything.  I needed to read the manual on how to microwave a potato last night.  It's fairly hi-tech, you know! It has buttons for the most frequently microwaved items, like popcorn, reheating, and potatoes.

Almost everything removed from drawers and cupboards during the remodel has been put back.  Just don't go into the extra bedroom!  That's a "holding" area for garage sale items and junk drawer "stuff".  As Scarlet O'Hara said, "Fiddle dee dee, tomorrow's another day".  I'll get to it later!

Again, I want to thank everyone, friends and family who helped us out.  We appreciate you more than you know!  I can't wait to have you all over for dinner, soon!

And now for the reveal!  Blindfolds off!

Before and After:

Microwave area

refrigerator area

Microwave area

refrigerator area

refrigerator area and sink area



  1. Hi Wendy - nice to meet you.
    Really enjoyed the before and after pics.
    Congrats on your new kitchen, it's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Lori Lynn. Looking forward to following your blog!