Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apricot "Nectar of the Gods" Pancakes

To celebrate my wonderful cousin, Kimberly's birthday today, I chose to make pancakes for breakfast.  Usually breakfast is cereal, yogurt, scrambled eggs or oatmeal.  Year's ago it was a tradition to make "cakies" for Sunday breakfast, but now it's simple fare.  That's good, too, because I am not a morning person, at all!  I need to ease into the day...

Many years ago while staying at my cousin's, her family and I would  wait our turn  for the next pancake to come off the griddle.  These weren't ordinary pancakes.  They had nectar of the God's for the secret ingredient.
That is, apricot nectar.  They obviously made an impression on me after all these years. 

I made them for my husband this morning in honor of Kimberly's birthday.   I added cinnamon to the batter for a different twist.  I actually like them better plain.   Why ruin a good pancake!   Being less than ambitious in the morning, I also used a pre-made pancake mix, the kind you just add you just add water, only apricot nectar was substituted.  Simple stuff!

So, happy birthday Kim!  Here's to you, may you have many more joyous years to come!

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