Monday, September 6, 2010

Harvesting Makes Me Happy

It really doesn't take much to make me happy. And some of the most simple things are the most pleasurable to me. The thrill of learning how to ride a bike for the first time or maybe driving away (from parents) when you just got your driver's license. Growing and harvesting fresh vegetables that you have nurtured during the Summer. Simple stuff, yet it's not a simple task to grow much of anything in the high desert. I did get enjoyment from reaching into the deep brown earth to uncover my first crop of potatoes. The wait is always worth it. It's a great lesson in delayed gratification which is not practiced much these days. And, besides, I've always loved to dig in the dirt!

Today my husband mentioned that the air felt like Italy. You may ask, "How does the air feel like Italy?". Well, when we traveled to Chianti about 4 years ago in October, every day was blue sky, crisp air, mid 70 degrees. It was perfect weather for one of the most picture perfect places. I felt like I had arrived "home" and I'm not even Italian, or maybe I am and no one told me! We were fortunate to be there during harvest time. One day there were grapes and the next day there were none, or so it seemed. Anyway, today is a kind of "Italy Day" for us.

Today was a partial harvest day in my garden. Harvesting my meager garden is very fulfilling but also a time of closure depending on how you look at it. I planted some onions and potatoes this year. (almost as an experimental joke) The critters did not bother these veggies so they will star in next year's lineup. I realize that Winter will be creeping in soon but for now I'll be content to keep the harvest going as long as I can. Weather and critters permitting!

Today's bounty of potatoes, onions, and, of course, zucchini will be part of the main course for the Labor Day celebration dinner. Recipe to follow for Mojito Chicken!

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