Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Winter - Soups on!

Last week Fall began with Mr. Winter right on its heels!  Today, a major Winter storm hit but by the weekend it will be back into the mid 70's.  That's how our Northern Nevada fall is....very fickle! 

 We tested the gas stove and the forced air heater this morning, dug out my long pants, and mittens.  All that's missing is the soup on the stove!

I ate alot of soup when I was growing up.  It was the during the Campbell's soup craze, when just about everyone had a few cans in the cupboard.  My favorite was pepperpot. with the tomato base, veggies and I think some mystery meat that may have been menudo.  My least favorite was cream of mushroom, but I grew out of that phase, especially when I used it on my family to cover up dry pork chops!  Then  cream of asparagus rolled off the assembly line and I tried that to make those same pork chops more upscale.  it worked...yuk! 

I don't use very many canned soups these days because I now know that soups are super easy to make from scratch.  (and you can control the salt)

 Last week. tomato basil soup was on the menu, however, it was a "diet" rendition.  To me it tasted like heaven.  Everything tastes like heaven these days when the alternative is egg whites and more chicken!!    I have soup recipes in the archive that are wonderful and not  hard to make, like my chili verde, black bean and Italian bean zuppa.  Just click the above links for the recipe.

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Chili Verde and I think I need new soup bowls!

  Try your hand at making soup, you won't be sorry, and your family will thank you.  Bundle up and enjoy the chilly day!

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  1. These soups look great. I see my new favorite. Beer Bread would go good with these. Do you have that recipe on here?