Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Colors and Flavors of Fall

This is my favorite time of year.  It's a time to harvest and "close the book" in my garden.  The weather has been holding steady with 70ish temperatures, barely any wind and the trees are making a brilliant spectacle of themselves.  It's their time to shine and they don't disappoint in these parts of the woods.  The sky is a deep blue almost every day with a spattering of clouds and the clean crisp air compliments my walking routine.

My inspirational view while walking

With the Fall comes a variety of flavors, too.  By this time I should have made pumpkin bread, pancakes, soups and maybe some stews.  But, my kitchen has been severely lacking of any signs of creativity and those great Fall flavors.  Yes, still on the "eating plan" and I have lost about 18 lbs.  Hooray!  On the other hand I feel sorry for my hubby having been deprived of some of the nice meals he's grown accustomed to over the years.  Fear not, it won't be forever.  It just seems that way!

Fresh pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter

pumpkin ginger pie bars!
If you're looking for a few pumpkin ideas, look no further.  These are the "best" of last year, same time!  Pumpkin gnocchi and a pumpkin ginger pie bar recipe for you to make and enjoy.  Let me know how they turn out!  I know, I'm itching to try them once more, SOON!

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