Friday, October 21, 2011

What's on your Bucket List?

Yesterday, I happened to catch part of a show on TV where one of the segments talked about, What would you order for your last supper?  I only saw one of the responses and this gal wove a dream to rival no other.  She'd be sitting in the French countryside with a loaf a crusty, yet soft on the inside, baguette smeared with salted honey while sipping a glass of the best local wine.   And that was just for starters....

I thought for a moment and found I couldn't be as decisive as she was.  Do I need to clarify my dream?  Perhaps..but, is it possible that I have many?  I'd say so..I know my last supper would be in some exotic location, maybe one which I haven't visited, yet!  Do you have a "bucket list"?  

If you're wise, you develop one at a young age..don't wait to do the things or go to locales where you can't fully enjoy what it has to offer.  Take for instance,  the hills of Tuscany!   Would you be able to climb to the top of Cortona's lofty paths.  They seem to stretch to the Heavens!  Or maybe you'd like to zip line over the canopies of jungles in Costa Rica, snorkel in the balmy clear waters of Hawaii or Tahiti or sit at that French bistro nibbling on a fresh from the oven chocolate croissant.  The list goes on and on...

Lunch Italian Style

Climbing the Hills of Cortona

I guess my point is, don't give up on any of your dreams.  Be ready for any opportunity.  As for me, my "bucket list" seems to get longer and longer as I travel and my horizons are broadened by each country and culture that I experience.  Where to next?  Not sure...but, I'll be crossing it off my bucket list.  And once it's deleted, it doesn't mean "never to return".  I have to admit, I'm still haunted by "the boot" shaped country of Italy.  It feeds me in every way, including my stomach and SOUL!


  1. We always end up back in Tuscany. That is where my last meal would be, eggplant parmesana accompanied by a fine bottle of Brunello and ending with tiramisu and a side of gelato.

  2. Great choice! Start with the tiramisu, though!