Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fighting the Diet Demons

So, the good news is I've lost 16 lbs and 10+ inches.  The bad news is,  this week has been a struggle with the same 1 lb!  I found out you can't cheat one iota on this "eating (not much food) plan". I lost, gained, lost, gained the same lb!  The only thing to do is evaluate what went wrong.   Could it have been the glass of wine?  The one measly oyster appetizer?  The ahi selection for my entree was perfect except for the wasabi mashed potatoes hugging the sides of the fish like a Siamese twin.  or the bite as tiny as a fingernail of a limoncello raspberry tart?   Oh, oh...I sniffed the aroma of the carrot bread pudding (pounds by osmosis?) Or, all of the above?

Carrot bread pudding - off limits!

Raspberry Limoncello tart - Couldn't resist and forgot to take a proper picture before...mesmerizing!

Then we went out  to dinner last night for his birthday, again.  This time I would be more prepared to trick the diet demon and that nasty lurking pound.  I had apples all day...I mean nothing but apples...3 to be exact!  So, when I drank that one+ glass of red wine, I'm sure it wasn't going to register.   No fingernail size dessert and no eating of the pasta silently surrounding my steak which I promptly portioned in half.  Wrong!

The scale this morning deceived me again...there's that same pound.  No more cheating until the ultimate surprise.  That comes in November.  Until then, stay tuned for more creative ways to fix chicken and fish.  And if I'm feeling really strong willed,  I may bake a cake or two.   Yahoo!

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