Friday, July 1, 2011

Sooth a Sore Throat Smoothie

Okay, so this came rushing at me like a freight train and settled in with an elephant sitting on my chest.  Not to mention the scorching sore throat and an endless need for tissue.  You get the picture.  I don't get ill very often, but when I do....I'm no good to the world or myself!

After lying around yesterday (On my 4th cat is loving me for all the nap time.), I wondered what I could make that would sooth my throat.  Ice cream is always on the top of my list, for any reason or non-occasion.  I don't keep ice cream in my home.  It calls loudly to me from the freezer and I can't resist.  No willpower.   I can do "the mind over matter" stuff to ward off the cravings, but it doesn't work for ice cream!  It's easier just not to buy it.

So, I wandered out of the bedroom, down the hallway and into the kitchen to see what I could find.  I actually had some key ingredients, added lots of ice, no cream, and came up with this sore throat smoothie....

In a blender add the following:

1 cup honey vanilla Greek yogurt

2 cups cleaned and stemmed strawberries

1 cup chunk pineapple

a drizzle of honey

1 cup rice milk (you can use regular or soy)

1 cup ice

Pulse on the ice crushing mode and blend until mixed.  Pour into 2 tall glasses.  Serves 2.  Give one to your hubby.  He will appreciate the fact that you are showing signs of life again and he won't have to eat tuna fish sandwiches for dinner.  (I don't think that's so bad.)

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