Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mojitos in the Flowered Mist

In my book, you should always take the time to smell the flowers and relax with a mojito!  First you have to have flowers to smell.  Our backyard has not always been a colorful or a  welcome sanctuary for birds, rabbits, butterflies, hummingbirds. (It's declared a no squirrel zone!)  When we built our house we were more focused on furnishings for the inside and  landscaping the massive front yard.  The backyard consisted of a wooden deck, a strip of grass, an atrocious looking propane tank,  alot of mud, dirt and a scattering of daffodils, tulips and iris.  And two very large dogs, at the time! 

The dogs dug holes in the dirt and grass, did their "deed" on the irises.  When the dogs were napping, the resident squirrel family would dig up all the tulips and have a hearty feast.  Shame on me for even buying the tulips in the first place.

Through trial and error and some luck along the way I can finally meander around my backyard and love what I see.  From the first sign of life, crocus in late March to now, the parade of perennials,  I've planted over the years, show me they have grown and know exactly what to do and when. They are extremely loyal in showing up year after year.  Some, like my purple salvia and poppies are very rebellious in teenagers, if you will.  They scatter themselves where ever they feel fit.  My shy demure roses always need a little prodding and nurturing.  The irises just need cooperation from the fickle May/June snow and the mint shows up and flourishes from "sticks in the ground". 

Cool green mint from sticks in the ground.
I was warned that if you don't contain the mint, it will spread and you'll have it everywhere. I don't think I'll need a machete to work in my garden, in my lifetime.  After all, this is the high desert and growing is not easy!  I welcome that mint problem!  Some day when I'm older and grayer,  I'd like to walk my yard and step on mint beneath my feet and brush up against the lavender bushes that are beginning to spread, also.  I'll be careful not to crush too much of the mint because I'll need a few sprigs now and then for mint juleps and mojitos!

Mojitos for 2

2 - 3 oz dark rum

2 limes, cut into small wedges

24 mint leaves

6 Tbsp sugar

crushed ice

1 can ginger ale or club soda

Take 2 tall glasses and add the cut up lime and mint leaves.  Muddle (or crush alot).  Add the sugar and continue to muddle, then add the rum, ice and ginger ale to the brim.  Garnish with mint.  Super refreshing, but you'll want more than one!  Enjoy and don't forget to smell the flowers!

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