Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shakespeare on the Lake

The "jewel" of the Sierras has always been a special place for me.  With the first glimpse of it 37 years ago, I was hooked.  Every season passes with a host of beautiful scenery and plenty to do.  You can snow ski, water ski, hike, swim, gamble, etc.  But, there is always a "first" for everything. 

The other evening, we made the drive up over the mountain pass to pristine Sand Harbor for the Shakespeare festival!  It was a much appreciated gift from my son for our anniversary/birthday.  This was culture at its best!  Imagine sitting in an open air amphitheater overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe.  If you've never been there I urge you to show up!  You may become hooked also.

Every July/August a series of Shakespeare plays are held.  Why is it that I've never been.  This is the 39th year of plays!  We've been to the same beach area only to watch the props being set up, but never attended a single event!  The drive is only 25 minutes or less depending on the traffic.  Whenever we do decide to travel up the road we always say, "We need to come here more often"! Duh!

Besides sitting in the most spectacular setting, you can either bring a picnic dinner, have a glass or bottle of wine, or purchase an assortment of entrees available.  Plus, a dose of culture, especially Shakespeare, is great for the soul.  I highly recommend it, even if some of the "thees" and thous" get in the way!

Part of the stage...very dramatic after the sun sets!

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