Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr Bourdain, I Want Your Job!

Last night as I laid in bed (I actually made it past 10:30pm), I had a sudden explainable urge to whip up a pot of Sunday Gravy!  The travel channel and its host Anthony Bourdain whisked me away to Napoli and the Amalfi coast.  I haven't been to either but after watching this segment, I wanted only to wander the crazy, loud streets of Napoli and "sponge" it all in for myself!

Truthfully, the sounds of the ocean, the screaming of seagulls and  church bells clanging in the city was enough to sell me. (Simple, strange pleasures, I know)    The sounds of Italy are music to my soul!  But, when he started to bring on the food, I started to salivate in bed!  Margarita pizza is the only way to eat it.  Don't put pepperoni or "meat lovers" stuff on my pizza!  The fish was pulled from the sea and served in pasta within hours.  Watching the fishing boats unload their catch made me a little "hometown sick".  And to think of the sea urchins we, as children, would carelessly pry from the tide pools and chuck!  How did I know they were a delicacy!

I was inspired by this travel piece about Napoli.  In the near future I will make the best Sunday Gravy (sauce) with meatballs, bracciole, sausage, etc. and simmer it ALL day.  Another recipe consisted of fried eggplant arranged with mozzarella and fish inside,  folded into a neatly wrapped package, sauced and baked!  I have to try that!

Mussel Bruschetta


Stuffed Shell Pasta

So, Mr. Bourdain, even though I want your job, I'm thankful that you were able to transport me back to Italy.  I can tell you enjoyed the lively people, incomparable lifestyle and unsurpassed  food and wine.  How can you not?   Bravo!


  1. Love this type of food! MY family is from Naples and I got to visit there as well as the Amalfi coast as that is where they spend the entire month of August every year. It is blissful!

    1. I grew up in a fishing town in So Cal, so most of the boat owners were Italian, as most of my friends growing up. I loved going totheir house to see all the food and canolis!! I'd love to spend the Summer in Italy, someday!!