Thursday, February 3, 2011

Superbowl Appetizers

Why not slices of frittata?

Or "working woman wings"?

Bruschetta is a great choice and crowd pleaser!
Sometimes what you're looking for appears in your own backyard.  As I struggle with my decision to come up with some new and exciting appetizers for those parties, I realize I have an arsenal in my past posts.  One little click of the mouse on "appetizers" displays some recipes you can use to have a creative start for your football parties.

That doesn't let me off the hook though, I understand.  Tonight,  I'll be experimenting once again to create either some quesadilla finger food or perhaps a crab wonton cup appetizer. 

So, I'll be back tomorrow with the results, recipe and verdict on what to serve your guests or family for "game of the year".   Enjoy your day!

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