Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the Winner of the Giveaway Contest is........

Congratulations, my friend from Greece, Katerina!    Katerina is a fellow blogger who regularly visits.  Even though she is a wife, mother and busy working gal, she continually comes up with such great mouthwatering recipes.   The one that "hooked" me was her baklava.  You can visit her blog site "Culinary Flavors" by using the link on the right.  Katerina, please send me your address so I can ship your prize! (I tried your email but it didn't go through!)

Thanks to all who participated.  It was fun to read your comments. The prize was a collection of my favorite spices....Lavender, Herbs de Provence and Fennel Seed.  I can't wait to see how Katerina blends these in with her lovely recipes!

Tomorrow I'll be featuring a tasty thick Split Pea soup, just in time for the next wave of snow.  (We're expecting another 2 feet, I've heard!   Warm soup and snowy days go together well.   Stay tuned..


  1. Wendy I couldn't believe my eyes. It is the first time I win a giveaway! Thanks so much for hosting it and for sending these beautiful herbs to Greece. Could you please leave me your mail in a comment at my blog so I can send you my address? Thanks again it is always a pleasure for me to read your posts. Your recipes combine your multicultural heritage and I love that.