Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Giveaway Celebration

Amaretto Cake - Recipe receiving the most hits!

One of my favorite movies is "Field of Dreams".  Not because Kevin Costner is the leading character, although, I must admit, he is easy on the eyes!  I love it because of the story and the famous quote, "If you build it, they will come". 

When putting this blog together I originally  had the idea that it would be a place where I could go to voice my opinions, thoughts and such.  I did not realize at the time it would have a life of its own.  But, the quote above was a resonant voice inside of me and spurred me on.   I will build Wendy's Favorite Place and people will read it.

 I occasionally ramble on about different subjects but I usually bring it around to my loves of food and travelMy hopes are to keep my blog fresh, interesting, and  sometimes controversial.   But, I do have an ever evolving  "plan".  

 My "baby blog" was conceived last year in February, while playing around on the internet.  I revisited it a few months later in May.  Only two entries that month.  Wow, I was really accelerating towards my goals!  Again, after a few months and several events or incidents later, my thoughts, the need to vent  and my fingers came back here in mid July. 

 Consistency began in July.  Since then, my "baby" has  received over 5000 hits from all over the world!  This, in my opinion, is reason to celebrate!   More importantly, I've had the pleasure to be inspired by my old friends, family and my new friends.  Thanks to all!

 Thus, my first, but not last Giveaway!  All you need to do to be in the running is:

1.  Be a "follower" and do step #2.
2.  If you already are officially a follower, please make a comment to this post or the next 4 posts (I will monitor them.)

Your names will be put in a "hat" or bowl and a winner will be chosen.  Hint:  The prize is something everyone can use!  Good luck and hoping to hear from you!

I appreciate the encouraging words and value your friendship!  "To infinity and beyond". - Toy Story?


  1. Can I win the prize ? I know I am probably not eligible, but that is ok I won the Grand Prize thirty sevaen years a go .

    I love you

  2. Wendy congratulations. I hope this blog will bring you closer to many beautiful people around the world and inspire you to make tasty things in the kitchen. I am already a follower!

  3. Congrats on your success, dear friend. You'll laugh at what I made for V Day.

  4. Thanks, Katerina for your kind words. Cathie, As long as you put love in the mix it doesn't matter what you make!

  5. Now you have me thinking French Onion Soup. I use Julia Child's recipe it is perfection. She adds a tablespoon or so of brandy to the bowl before serving...oh my it is great. Also I finally figured out toasting the bread before placing it in the soup and covering with cheese, it floats better and doesn't mush. I just made myself hungry...time for lunch!!

  6. Looks like more soup is on the way. The Winter weather is finally rearing its ugly head! French onion sounds good, maybe split pea...decisions! Checked out my Julia Child book, wow, 3 T's of cognac for 6-8 servings. That should warm you up! Cheers!