Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and a Giveaway Contest!

Wow, it's been over 37 years since I met my Valentine, my love, best friend and husband!  Each of those  years  has been a joy.  I'm sure if I took off my rose colored glasses I could find some "rough patches", but the fact is we never chose to dwell on the challenges of our relationship.  We worked on it and still do.   That's one of the keys to a happy marriage.  Realize that you are two separate people, usually with two very different upbringings,  coming together and creating a united front to the world and its problems.  Don't let those problems become yours!  Remember, you're on the same side, the same team. With that said, I'll climb down  from my soapbox and get into the kitchen.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!   For this special day we traditionally put together a menu of our favorite foods.  Most years it was either scampi or a pasta dish  followed by a luscious dessert.  Why should this year be any different?  Last night we celebrated with filet mignon, (It was actually a gift and not my first choice.) roasted fingerling potatoes, fresh garden salad with my famous wasabi ginger dressing,  followed by a butterscotch schnapps bundt cake drizzled with a caramel sauce.  Yum, yum!
Butterscotch schnapps bundt cake without caramel sauce

I'll be posting the recipe for the bundt cake on a later post, but I wanted to mention the "giveaway contest".  I'm celebrating the "success" of  my blog and decided to have a contest.  The guidelines are on the previous post.  Please join in and let me know what your favorite food might be.  Comment, if you can.  If not, just email me using the link below. (the little box with the M in it)


  1. Oh, Wendy! I am really at a crossroads having to pick a favorite food. Being a "foodie", I have so many favorites that would make my palette very happy. I love savory more than sweet. In fact, today I found myself wishing for a french onion soup. However, if Louie called me and asked me to go out for sushi tonight, there would be no doubt I would be on cloud nine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. So I would say I am partial to sushi as my ultimate favorite!

  2. I just had that conversation with my son last night. We both agreed that of all food we get cravings for sushi the most. I'm with you! I 'll be making french onion soup soon for my mother's b-day. Her favorite!