Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cacio e Pepe - February Pasta of the Month

I would like to say I sampled this delicious primo piatto while sitting in a sidewalk trattoria in Rome, but the truth is I viewed the creating of this dish on a food/travel segment a while ago.  I can truthfully say, however, I have noticed this selection on many a menu at Italian restaurants.   I never ordered it because it was void of ingredients.  It was cheese and pepper on pasta!    I had to satisfy my own curiosity and accepted the challenge to serve it at my table.

However, it is hardly a challenge or a chore to whip up this wonderfully flavorful pasta.  The secret is out.  This is almost sinfully simple.


Pasta (I used spaghetti, enough for 2 servings)
reserved pasta water, about 1 1/2 cups
2 T butter
1 T fresh grated pepper
1 3/4 c good quality Pecorino Romano cheese, grated

Bring water to a boil for the pasta.  When it is almost done (before al dente), take out the reserved pasta water, drain pasta and have a large saucepan (heated) ready to mix this dish.  Put the hot pasta water, butter and pepper in the large saucepan, add the drained pasta, and mix thoroughly.  Quickly remove from heat, add the cheese and gently stir the cheese to coat the pasta.  Serve and garnish with more cheese and pepper if you wish.   Wasn't that simple?  You'll love each cheesy spicy bite!

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  1. Very simple and very strong in taste. I've seen this plate in my trips to Italy but I have never ordered it. It looks terrific.