Friday, September 23, 2011

Pasta of the Month - Hungry Man Orzo

As September is flying by I realized I haven't posted a pasta recipe in a long  while.  Could it be that it's not on my list of "allowable foods"?  Probably,  because not much of what tastes good is on that list!   Pasta,  along with bread and sweets is my Achilles 's heel.   But, if you love egg whites for breakfast, you'll fit right into this "protocol".

Getting a meal on the table these days takes alot of creativity and planning.  I find I just can't resort to a slab of white chicken breast, lettuce and a cup of veggies, plain.  It's not in my nature to eat bland food!  The other night I was able to have a steak (something I don't usually eat much of) along with my lettuce, whoopee!  For a side dish I literally threw hubby's orzo together at the last minute.  No sense in subjecting him to my way of starving eating!

I didn't make a very large portion (serves 2 or 1 hungry man).


1 garlic clove, minced

1-2 Tbsp olive oil

1 Tbsp sliced shallot or onion

handful of beet tops (or spinach)

4 button mushrooms, sliced

a handful of fresh from the garden tomatoes, preferably Romas

1/2 cup orzo

reserved pasta water

Parmesan for garnish

In a heated skillet, cook shallot until limp, a few minutes.  Add the garlic beet tops, and mushrooms.  Meanwhile boil water for the orzo.  You can salt the water after it boils, add the orzo and cook according to directions, usually about 10-11 minutes.  Reserve some pasta water before draining,  Once drained add the orzo to the skillet along with the tomatoes.  Stir completely, adding a ladle or so of water to moisten.  And maybe, a drizzle of more olive oil.  Then serve.  Hopefully this was good for hubby...I was too busy scarfing down my lettuce!  Enjoy!

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