Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend Hideaways

One reason why I started this blog was to capture some of "my favorite places and things", and archive my recipes and travel, etc.   Somehow, it morphed into a food blog.  While I have no qualms about this, my true passion lies in traveling, even if it's just traveling down the road a bit.

Living in the Sierra Nevadas exposes me to many beautiful vistas, plenty of camping, pristine lakes for boating,  hiking trails practically outside my door and winding rivers and streams from which to reel that prized catch.  If I were to look on a map and draw a 200 mile radius circle from my home, the only thing lacking would be the ocean.  This can be daunting at times for a born and raised beach person!  But, we go on mini vacations to the ocean for a cure.

Two years ago we planned a 7 day motorcycle journey up into the Trinity-Shasta forest, continuing up into Oregon, over to the coast at Gold's Beach and back down the California coast, through the Redwoods and over the hill along the Feather river canyon road.  Whew!    The first "leg" of the trip took us up hwy 395N to Susanville, where we caught highway 44 to the 89hwy.  In mid June, you never know what kind of weather to expect but we were prepared.  Of course, we had our share of sunshine, puffy white clouds quickly turning to a shade of dark gray with a side helping of hail and rain mix!

Lunch stop in Susanville, CA

Amost there...will the weather hold?

Not perfect cycling weather

Our first night was spent at a place called the Green Gables Inn.  It was a circa 1950's u-shaped  motel complex with all the amenities.  The rooms were very clean which is a huge plus since we've stayed in our share of "dives" over the years.  After checking in we had some daylight left so we took a quick trip over to Burney Falls.  We stumbled upon this oasis years ago as we travelled up to Portland, Oregon.  We vowed we'd stop by again if we ever had the time.

At Burney Falls there are campsites and RV hookups.  In the nearby town of Burney, the motels and restaurants (cafe type) are sufficient.  It's a hop, skip and a jump to other Sierra playgrounds such as Lake Almanor and Lassen National Park.  If you're into hiking, the trail that winds around the Falls area is is a must do (Just don't do it in hot leather motorcycle boots and chaps that weigh 10 pounds!  Not recommended!)

Oh, what a hike!

My hero!

Stretching before the hike

View from the top of trail
 In the future I'll continue on the 2nd "leg" of the journey.   I just wanted to expose the beauty that surrounds me .  It's so close, a little slice of paradise!

A "favorite" place
Enjoy the weekend!

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