Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Glimpse of a Great Father

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to share mine.  No recipes, although I'll be baking for a celebration later in the day.  Perhaps, I'll have something tomorrow.

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers out there.  You are so important to the family unit.  While mothers are generally the nurturing force, the fathers, day in and day out, sacrifice so much. (Anymore, it's a joint effort with husband and wife sharing responsibilites.)  In my family, my dad seemed to always be working, to get that food on the table and clothes on our back.  Some things never change!  Reflecting back, my dad gave me an appreciation of travel, good food and gardening skills.  (all my favorite things!)

With his wife/my mom

My father and his first grandson, Jeremy                            

You've always been a great dad and a wonderful grandfather to my son, and all your grandsons.  On this day I wish you're the best!  I Love You!

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