Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Garden Adventures

Who will win the war of the rabbits this year?  As I sat in the family room yesterday enjoying my first cup of coffee, I watched my backyard come alive with nature at its best (or worst?)  It seems one of the many rabbits that hop around and  forage my yard has been teaching itself to jump onto a patio chair.  I find this amusing because it's my cat chair where she lounges in the early morning sun.  Maybe the rabbit's been watching  from afar as the cat jumps on and off her perch!   After several attempts it finally succeeded, only to jump down and do it again, over and over until he was secure in his new found ability.

Moving on to the mother lode

This morning, he was back again, bright and early ready to practice.  After repeated jumps he moved onto a more challenging course.  Rabbit Olympics!   Using the chair he jumped onto the table where I have some lettuce, arugula and flowers.  Looks like he found the mother lode! 

He calls in the troops!

So, today as I plant more tomatoes, jalapenos, acorn squash, etc, I can hardly wait to see who else this cute little rabbit invites over for brunch!  It's time to buy more fencing, or perhaps a dog to scare him off!

With all the snow and cold weather this Spring, I was curious as to how the growing season is shaping up.  The following pictures were taken on the same day in 2009 and this year (June 7th).  What a huge difference.

June 7, 2011

June 7, 2009

Enjoy the day!  It may reach 80 degrees!  So much for Spring, on to Summer!

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