Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday and Hummingbird Shortcake

It was not my plan to have hummingbird shortcake.  I had envisioned a beautiful 2 layer cake with a traditional cream cheese butter type frosting..oozing with goodness!  A funny thing happened in my "test" kitchen.  Again, I am a creative cook, not a baker.  There are reasons for this.  I love sweets, but in my altitude I haven't had much luck in baking or the fortitude to keep on trying.  After all, I can't eat all these "mistakes".

I live at approximately 6000 ft. so it is a real challenge to get it right.  I either forget to add extra flour, reduce the sugar, increase the liquid and/or increase the oven temperature!  Whew, too much.  Sometimes there is an occasional success, mostly with crumbles, crisps, pies, etc.  But I can't let a good challenge rest. 

The recipe I tried came from a fellow blogger.  After I had made it, I stumbled upon another gal's blog at   I recommend her recipe for hummingbird cake.  Hers looks great!  Hummingbird cake supposedly originated in the South.  It has tropical ingredients plus pecans!  Yum..

Maybe it was just divine intervention for my "birthday" cake to end up the way it did.  One layer turned out beautifully, while the other was a flop, but salvageable.  I made lemonade shortcake out of the scraps!  This just happens to be my dad's (birthday boy) favorite dessert.  Funny how things work out!  In my kitchen I improvise and revise.  This cake is worth the effort...I will try again!

Bad cake

Great "save" shortcake
Good cake

Better Birthday Cake

Happy 82th birthday dad.  Your cake is on the way!  Here's more pictures to celebrate his big day!

Somewhere in Austria

Eating his way through Europe

Another birthday circa 1977


  1. First of all I like very much the new template of your blog. I am in the process of changing mine as well. Secondly Happy Birthday to your father. I had my birthday on the 9th as well. May he live well and for many years more!

  2. Happy Birthday...I tried to post on your blog yesterday but had some glitches..Hope you enjoyed your day. Thanks..I was getting tired with the darkness of my blog. Taking a class soon to improve it..