Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Surprise - Czech Kolache

For Easter this year I wanted to surprise my family with an old food tradition from our Czech heritage.  My grandmother would make it for "special" occasions and now I know why  it wasn't made more often!  I tackled the wonderful kolache!  I did my research and knew the recipe involved many steps not to mention the kneading, rising of dough, etc.  As I went through all the steps, I was secretly wishing that my grandmother or father was there to help (or at least 5 or 6 Czech elves!)  They would understand what a "labor of love" this feat was.  Time  (5 hours later) consuming, yes,....worth it?....yes. 

The reactions were son, bless his heart...was full of compliments.  Hopefully, this is a food tradition that will live on.  I won't post the recipe here, but it will be in my book.  Stay tuned...

As for an Easter surprise...the surprise was on me.  My parents had planned an elaborate meal of lamb, ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes, etc.  My mom was visibly tired, probably from making two beautiful lemon meringue pies, crust and all, for my father and husband. 

The BEST lemon meringue pie

 Or maybe it was because her cat, Pierre,  decided to wake her up by knocking the TV off of her dresser!  Bad cat!!  But, he's sooooo cute, you have to love him!


And, as my dad proceeded to slice the potatoes, he sliced a chunk from his finger.  Ouch!  The chef was injured!  I stepped in to help with Easter dinner, because that's what I do...I cook!  And I don't mind...It the cleaning that gets me!  So, the surprise was on me.  I'm just glad that I can cook and serve my family on such a day of celebration.  Be Blessed!


  1. The Kolaches were awesome. Lighter than the ones Grandpa used to make. I popped one in my toaster oven this morning and it was even better. I came over to my mom's after the gym the otherday and she was pulling these out of the oven.....I ate 3!!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! You'll be the ONE to carry on this tradition...

  3. Happy Easter Wendy, everything looks very special!