Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Appetizers For Dinner?

Heck yes!  Appetizers for dinner is perfectly okay with me.  No surprises, though....these "entrees" were already featured in a post.  Pan grilled champagne orange shrimp was simply a redo from margarita shrimp using a different marinade.  Spring time artichokes...I revised these to be void of butter.  Italian stuffed mushrooms completed our meal.  These were lightened by making them with panko breadcrumbs and a bit of low fat cream cheese.

Mondays are always a good opportunity for a fresh start after overindulging during the weekend.  By overindulging I don't mean devouring a  hot fudge sundae or a piece of tiramisu, although that's not a bad idea!  Usually it means a glass or 2 of wine.  Whoopee!  

I'm always surprised as  I  inspect any restaurant menu how most appetizer selections are either deep fried or laden with salt.  I'm sure this isn't a fluke, it's  by design.  It's a proven fact that those salty heavy foods require you to consume more beverages, usually a high calorie alcoholic one.  Vicious cycle, huh?  It doesn't have to be with a few tricks and tweaks.  Hey, that's a great name for a book!

My point is,  food can taste great and be healthy if you use a few tricks during the cooking stage.  Use fat free broth to "saute" veggies instead of butter or oils.  Use more fresh herbs instead of salt.  If you must have cheese and that's a hard one to give up, choose  good quality goat or feta cheese sparingly instead of those processed cheese products.  If you like salty food, switch to spicy food.  At least it may speed up that sluggish metabolism!  Learn to make your own marinades and salad dressings.  Your body will thank you.

Have a great week....

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