Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lasagna - A Work in Progress

I don't know what I'm trying to prove sometimes.  I heard the words come out of my mouth, "I'm making lasagna from scratch, from the sauces to the pasta sheets".  I was mortified!!  Now, I just had to follow through.

When all was said and done, and eaten, the jury was in from all my "birthday" taste testers.  The room got extremely quiet (always a good sign as everyone filled their mouths and bellies with the lasagna).  I'm always my worst critic.  The pasta noodles were wonderfully soft, the bechamel great, but next time I'll reduce the amount.  

The Bolognese sauce will, again, be revised.  Maybe just my simple marinara, huh?  I'll add my hubby's favorite spicy Italian sausage back in.  And last but not least, I may hire a kitchen clean up crew!  It took me longer to clean up the kitchen than it did to make noodles from scratch!

kitchen help needed!

more dishes

bechamel ready

ready for pasta making

pasta before kneading

ready to roll!

ah...finito!  time to assemble!

Was it worth the trouble?  Of course!  I found the act of pasta making to be relaxing (I know that's warped thinking!), but true.

It was not Zeno's lasagna from Costa Rica, but it's getting very close!  Sorry, no recipe until the process is complete!

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