Monday, June 11, 2012

Bounty from my Garden

Not yet!  One of my favorite movies is "Field of Dreams", not because Kevin Costner is in it, although it helps the storyline!  I love the message, "build it and they will come".  I equate that to planting my garden, especially here in Northern Nevada.  We've had several mini freezes since I planted.  And I'm sure we were quite a sight to our neighbors as we ran around the backyard covering tomato plants and seedlings, and carting potted ones into the garage for a night or two.  But, it's beginning to pay off.  My 8 tomato plants are thriving, finally!  "Plant it, and they will grow"!

I was a little ambitious this year.  I knew I wanted a bigger planting space than in the past.   My husband spent several weekends building the nicest raised garden beds!   To me, they are a thing of beauty.   Thanks, babe!   I appreciate all your hard work! 

So, the nurturing and waiting begins.  There is nothing better than to go out and snip some herbs, thin the lettuce or arugula and pop it in my mouth!  Weird, I know...    A great crop of spinach has yielded quite a few salads!  On a sour note the swiss chard was "pulled" from the lineup and replanted with Japanese eggplant.  Evidently, the seeds were bad or something ate them while I was sleeping.  Something with two long ears and a cottontail?
(see above)

Oh well, soon there will be plenty for all of us, including friends, family and freezer.   I'm already planning recipes with the future bounty!  Here's a few pictures of the process so far.

The beginning!

Two beds - week 2   Then there was three.
The second of three snow storms!

And a side order of fingerling potatoes

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