Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Dinner - Planning

What goes into the planning of my Easter Dinner.  Last year I decided to carry on a sporadic tradition of making a Czech delicacy, kolache.   One of my grandmothers would always bring these over for us to devour.  She'd make them with prune, apricot and a cheese filling.  Kolaches are not an easy recipe because of all the kneading and rising, etc, so I really appreciate her contribution to the Easter meal.

This year I'll be making most of the meal at my mom and dad's home.   Mom is STILL recuperating from her second surgery on her ankle/tendon and is non-weight bearing again.  My dad , I'm sure, is exhausted from being her caregiver and the family helps out when we can.  They've always been there for me, so it's the least I can do!   

Of course,  we'll have leg of lamb, real scalloped potato gratin, asparagus and baby "unfried" artichokes, if I can find them in this town.  I'm a little stumped on what to prepare for dessert, not that we need something sweet, but hey, it's Easter.  No peeps for me!  Am I the only one who thinks those are disgusting?!   I usually tried to trade them with my sister who loves them to this day!  Just give me chocolate.  So, it's surprising that every dessert I'm contemplating has not a bit of chocolate in it.

I think about cream puffs (not that I've made them before, but my mother-in-law whips those up every year).  Maybe, carrot cake, since my dad's birthday is the day after Easter, and that needs to be celebrated.  Then there's a recipe for limoncello cake that looks interesting!  Last, but not least on the list,  is a passion fruit chiffon pie.  My other grandmother used to make  a wonderful lemon chiffon pie on a regular basis.  I wish I would have gotten her recipe before she "left".  I remember barely being able to peer over the edge of the counter as she methodically threw in the ingredients.  It looked like magic to me at the time!

Whatever I decide to make....I know I'll be creating memories every time we sit down together and that's what it's all about anyway.  

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