Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creme Puffs - First Edition

I've always wanted to try my hand in pastry making, especially creme puffs.  They're supposed to be easy to make....pretty strait forward, unless you  live in an altitude of over 5500 feet.  Baking recipes need to be tweaked here and there and I've never mastered those tricks, not even now as I give you my first edition creme puff.

My mother-in-law makes them on a regular basis, at least every Easter.  How hard can they be and hers always came out great until she attempted to make them for her daughter's wedding, in my kitchen at only 4200 elevation.  Of course, we were all disappointed when something went terribly wrong with the so called "easy" creme puff.  Enter into the altitude zone, not for the faint of heart!

I knew it would be a challenge going in but what did I have to lose?  A bit of butter, flour and a couple of eggs?  I went onto the internet to compare recipes.  I chose one which I won't name because the "hints" on how to bake a successful batch of creme puffs were inadvertently left out.  And it was probably the most important step.  I won't post the recipe (there are a million of those online) but I'll leave you with the "secret"...or one of them.   Pierce the creme puff as soon as the baking time expires to release the steam or they will look like this.

I salvaged these by putting them back into the oven to "puff" more and crisp up.  Hooray...we have creme puffs!

As soon as I perfect these I'll post the other secrets for high altitude yummy creme puffs!  Happy Easter to all!

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