Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter, Birthdays and an Engagement!

Easter has always been a joy to me.  It signifies the beginning of Spring, the stirring of dreams, a fresh beginning, flowers...everything that is good!  I could go on and on.  This year...a few surprises.   We celebrated Easter, of course, but also my dad's 83rd birthday!   How awesome is that?!

Oops, where's the 8!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd be cooking the Easter meal along with creme puffs and limoncello cake.  Everything was going smoothly, the lamb roast was "resting" the artichokes just finishing up, asparagus a roasting and a rendition of Tyler Florence's scalloped potato gratin was in the broiler for the last 5 minutes.  And then, the news of the day, the month, okay, the year!  My son had proposed to his lovely girlfriend that morning and it became "official".  I can't begin to explain how HAPPY I was.  There was tears of joy...(I'm the one who sees a dead cat in the road and I can't stop crying!!  I know, that's weird, but I get emotional really easy)  I cried as my son drove away after getting his driver's license.  (Maybe I was scared!)  I cried bawled when we drove away from Monterey after helping him move there.  I'm just a big cry baby!!

So, after all the hugs and kisses, I started to smell that burnt food smell!  Oops, the potatoes should have been removed a while ago.  Oh well... I'll make them again, post them with a pretty picture.    They actually came out okay, just a little brown on top, and unless everyone felt sorry for me, the family must have liked them...they were devoured.

The limoncello cake was another story.  I don't have the origin of this recipe...it just showed up in my "to do" file.  It is going to need some revisions.  The taste was good but the texture was, shall I say, not fluffy at all.  If it were to sit a few more days, I could possibly make hockey pucks out of it.  Remember, I'm not a baker, I'm a cook!  I will post the recipe (as is) tomorrow and I'd love for someone living at sea level to try it.  Then, let me know if it works for them, please!

My son's first Easter with greatgrandparents.  He grew up too quickly!

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