Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Kiss in Provence

This special Valentine Cocktail was like a kiss in Provence.  Not that I would know, but it's what I can fantasize about.  I picture myself, and hubby , of course,  in the South of France, perhaps in  June or July when the lavender  is blooming and the sunflowers are beginning to reach towards the sun.  Our ancient stone villa we have rented has a distant sweeping view of the sea.  We've spent the day at the beach and are relaxing on the vine covered terrace before our meal.  At the market we purchased fresh from the sea mussels, a bunch of fennel, garlic, a selection of cheese, and chocolates.  I'll prepare a light supper later.   I could get lost in my dreams!

To bring a little love, lemon and lavender into reality, I concocted this special libation.  Several lavender bushes grow in my yard.  Right now they have a white crust of snow covering them.  Last early Fall I took the time to harvest and dry my lavender.  Glad I did...this is the result!

I made a lavender simple syrup, first.  All you do is start with 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar, add about 2 Tablespoons of dried culinary lavender.  Bring it to a boil, stirring, reduce the heat to simmer for 2 minutes or so.  Remove from the heat and cool.  Strain into a jar or container and you have nectar from the South of France.  Good stuff.  You can use this so many ways.  I chose to put into a "Valentine" cocktail.

In a pitcher pour:

4 shots of vanilla vodka (It's what I had in the pantry)

4 shots of lavender simple syrup

2 shots of limoncello (It's Italian, but humor me on this one)

Add a few ice cubes, shake well, and strain into chilled glasses!  Amazingly good, any time of the year.  It is truly,  a kiss of Provence!


  1. OMGoodness I love this! My lavender is getting ready to bloom! I love limoncello as well we make Giada's recipe a few times a year as it is a lot more cost effective : ) It's on my blog.

    1. I'll have to make that limoncello recipe. I only have a bit left! The lavender simple syrup goes well with so much. I even made some lavender massage-type oil for the hot dry Summer! I have bunnies making babies in one of my lavender bushes..