Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday, Indeed!!

If it was Fat Tuesday, then today MUST be Slim Wednesday!  It was the perfect storm...what better day to splurge!  Traditionally, Fat Tuesday is a carnival, a gluttonous feast celebrated all over the world to prepare themselves for lent.  Although I didn't put  on my beads or party hat, I "saved the best for last", French beignets!  This was another gift from my friend who vacationed in New Orleans.  I've seen this box in World Market, so no need to hop a plane for these!

This box makes 2 dozen.  I only made a few!  No way can I have 2 dozen French donuts sitting around the house!

Growing up a strict Catholic, I always gave up something for Lent.  The teacher (nun) would go around the room and we'd resite our Lental intentions.  I tried to give up the confessional, (after all, I was a good, sinless child) but that wasn't allowed.  So, I'd make stuff up!  One year, I decided to "go all in" and give up ALL SWEETS!   Where was my guardian angel when this thought process occurred!  This was nuts!   But, I did it and it was one of the hardest things I had done back then, especially since my grandma never let her candy jar go empty!    I lost some pounds, even at 10 years old.  I'm sure it was "baby fat", and historically, I'm still working on it!  I'm here to say that losing baby fat is not like losing baby teeth!  To me, it was not a natural process!

Anyway, the time has come to shed my Winter coat, even though Winter has not arrived in these parts.  All the weight I lost in September-December has NOT returned (okay, maybe some - 8 lbs.)  I have the knowledge and skills to do this on my love for all things, food gets in the way...but, great health and being able to walk those beaches and Italian and French hill towns have a way of  motivating me!

So, stay with me...I have alot up my sleeve!  Have a great week!

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