Thursday, May 19, 2011

White Chocolate Apricot Bark Candy

My love affair with chocolate has come to a bitter least for a while!  I decided to use up the white chocolate.  After using most of the 1 lb. bag on some chocolate covered strawberries,  I created more bark that would satisfy my father's sweet tooth.  His favorite is milk or white chocolate while my mother dives into the dark.  When it comes to chocolate I definitely take after my mom.

So, in all fairness I made bark candy with roasted almonds and diced dried apricots.  It was a nice change but I'll go with the extra dark chocolate every time.  I used the same method.  Melt the chocolate , add the nuts and fruit, and pour onto a waxed paper lined pan.  Spread to desired thickness and refrigerate until firm.  Take it out, break it up and eat it or give it away!

After a brief respite from MOST sweets (not all), I'll be eager to try more bark and biscotti variations.  Any requests?

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