Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traveling Back in Time

Today , May 17th, has been a special day for 37 years.  It was that long ago that my husband (then boyfriend) and I made the trek from Southern California to beautiful Lake Tahoe.  You see, we went for a "weekend" stay the previous week, (It was kind of like Gilligan's 3 hour tour)  and lo and behold I got a job at Harrah's Casino.  Oops, what to tell the parents!!    We went back to So Cal, refinanced my car, for extra money (to live),  said our goodbyes, packed all our belongings into my car and my soon to be hubby's truck  and off we went for that 37 year journey!

It was very much like today when we arrived.   Snow in May!  We had to turn back as we climbed in elevation to the Lake, because of the snow.   Our one piece of furniture had to be protected from the elements!   We needed to find a place to live since I was starting my new job in 2 days.  What was I thinking??!!  We searched through the rentals in a newspaper and made 2 calls from a payphone booth.  (What are those?)  Long story short we found our very humble abode next to a meadow, one block from the Lake with pine trees and a view of Heavenly Mtn.  We were young and in love and thought we were in heaven.  (compared to the smog infested concrete jungle). 

from the backseat of motorcycle

At the beach

We sometimes make that drive to the Lake to remind ourselves of how life was, and still is in many ways.  We make the loop around town to check out our old homes and remember all the memories of our new beginnings and our new life together all those years ago.   Lake Tahoe is still one of the most breathtakingly majestic places you'll ever see and it's one of my favorite places!


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  2. Great memories.

    I love you more today than yesterday.


  3. AHHHHH, to be so young and full of adventure. Time for a new one......Loreto beckons!!! BTW, one of my favorite places, too. Sue

  4. You are so lucky that you found your soulmate and have such beautiful memories of the beginning of your life together! I wish to you even more happy memories to come in the future!