Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Hopefully, you've already decided what you'll be doing for or with your mother on this special day.  Or maybe you are "the mother of the day" and your children need some inspiration.  I'm here to provide some ideas on what to create for mother.  I have my own "treats" I'll be making today,  and yes, it involves more chocolate.  But, it's a surprise so I'll need to post it on a later date.

I went back through my past posts since this blog's inception.  I came up with the following.  If anything looks good, just maneuver over to the right and find it under LABELS.    (still working on links and such)

Amaretto mint julep (cocktails)

Cannoli parfait  (desserts)

Creme brulee cocktail (cocktails)

Amaretto bundt cake  (desserts)

Lavender pancakes  (lavender)

Bruschetta (appetizers)

Sundried tomato bowtie pasta (tomatoes, pasta)

Strawberry custard tart (desserts)

Lavender cake (lavender, desserts)

Chocolate covered strawberries (chocolate)

Chocolate blueberry biscotti (biscotti)

Frittata (eggs)

I wish all mother's a very happy, healthy and Blessed day!  Enjoy!

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