Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gnocchi alla Spinachi e Gorgonzola - January Pasta of the Month

Another month has passed and here we are at the (almost) end of January.  This year is moving right along!

I "discovered" gnocchi in Italy over six years ago.  After a whirlwind (early mornings, crawling onto the bus) tour we had one more full day to enjoy Rome.  Note to myself and everyone: One day is NEVER enough for Rome.  What a vibrant colorful city.  There is also not enough adjectives to describe this ancient city.

So, after our hotel shuttle dropped us off  next to  Piazza Venezia in the center of Rome  which is near the forum and Colosseum (We had already seen those as part of the tour.) we began to "walk" the city.  We headed to your typical tourist spot, the Spanish steps, very crowded and frankly not worth the walk.  But, hey wait, we were tourists so why not.

Now the real reason we were hurrying through Rome was to find a Harley shop to buy a few T-shirts for souvenirs.  Go figure!  Unfortunately, we got lost and ended up on the Via Veneto.  You could do some serious eating and shopping on this tree lined,  scooter packed street.  And we prepared to do battle.

We shopped for ties, shoes, shirts, etc. and then we arrived at a luggage store where we purchased an additional suitcase just for all our "souvenirs"!  I probably should have learned the Italian phrase for "ship it"!

All that walking and shopping made us hungry so we happened upon a sidewalk cafe for a late lunch.   We started with a nice vino rosso (red wine) followed by an eggplant primo piatto (first course).  No salad today!  For the piatto principale (main course) my husband selected the vegetable risotto while I scanned the menu.  Gnocchi with Gorgonzola it would be!    Although gnocchi is traditional and regionally a Northern Italian dish, in Rome you can obtain any kind of food.  That's what is so special about Roma.

After our lunch feast we wandered the cobblestone streets and miraculously found our way back to the shuttle drop off area.  Wow, what a day.   Tomorrow we'd be saying goodbye to Italy.  But, I knew I'd be returning, after all I did throw a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain!   And my wish came true!  Almost one year later to the date,  I returned.  I was in love, with Italy and gnocchi!

Tomorrow I will post my gnocchi recipe inspired by my Roman Holiday.


  1. Can't wait to see your recipe. I use the basic one from the cooking school. I use yukons, but once tried sweet potatoes, not so great. I like that gnocci freeze so well, too. Have you ever tried semolina gnocchi, it is Roman and really different?

  2. I am in love with gnocchi as well! I used to make it with my Mom on Saturday mornings when I was growing up for our big Sunday dinners and now I make it for my own family. It's not that difficult but as you said it does have to be perfected which does come with practice like all pastas and all things good for that matter ; )
    Love your blog and am going to find your amaretto mint julip recipe right now!