Friday, January 28, 2011

Fish Fridays - Dinner for One

Again, if it's Friday we must have fish!  If anyone can tell me why growing up Catholic we had to have so much  fish, please let me know.  I'm still trying to figure that one out.  Sometimes, I think it was a plot to help the fishermen who were primarily and devoutly Catholic.  Maybe it was the beginning of the "buying local" movement which I try to support.

So, on Fridays the menu was either tuna on toast, a direct descendant of chipped beef only with tuna, or fried fish.  Once in a while we would poach  have shellfish fresh from the tide pools.  That was decades  ago and now you'd  probably get a jail term plus a hefty fine!  Shameful!  Now that I'm landlocked those trips to the beach are few and far between.   But wait!  There's always trout!   Now I buy my fish from the local fish market.   Even though I ate plenty of fish growing up I still prefer it over any kind of meat.   I've also made tuna on toast for my family.  Doesn't everyone eat that?!

Since hubby is not as fond of salmon as I am I made him a pizza and this was "dinner for one".


fillet of salmon
1 tsp minced garlic
sprinkle of ginger
1 T of sliced scallions
1-2 T maple syrup

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  On a piece of foil place the fillet and top with all the ingredients, reserving a drizzle of maple syrup for the end.  Fold the ends up making a loose packet so the salmon will steam.  Bake for about  15  minutes.  Open the foil packet and turn on the broiler (low) and broil until slightly golden and done. (3-5 mins)  Transfer to a plate and enjoy.  No dishes to do with this...I love it!  Don't forget to drizzle with the remainder of the maple syrup.   So good and ridiculously simple!


  1. That's easy. It was a sin to eat meat on Friday and yes, it was to support he fishing industry. My Mom did not like fish, it was often mac n' cheese night at our house.

  2. Sue, Do you remember the fish truck coming thru the neighborhood like the good humor man?

  3. In Christian Orthodox religion every Wednesday and Friday are days of fastening for people. I don't follow it, but I see the resemblance with the catholics. Salmon and maple syrup sounds perfect to me!

  4. I love that combination, too, whether grilled or steamed or baked.