Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreamsicle Cocktail

After my creme brulee cocktail post  last year I have plenty of Vanilla flavored vodka on the shelf.  Any suggestions on what to bake with it? 

My husband's favorite ice cream bar as he was growing up was what he called a 50-50 bar.  That's the vanilla ice cream on the inside with an orange Popsicle coating.    We called it a dreamsicle.  When the Good Humor man sounded his tunes as his truck rounded the corner I knew I'd either get the "rocket" which was a tall mixture of raspberry and orange sherbet with a cylinder shape  or a thick dark chocolate coated chocolate ice cream bar.  But, then there was the peanut and chocolate coated drumstick cone!  Decisions, decisions!

My decision to create a cocktail with the taste of a dreamsicle was quite easy.  I would probably change a few ingredients or technique but it was fun experimenting.  In a martini glass,  place crushed ice,  a shot of the vanilla vodka,  fill with orange soda almost to the rim and splash with milk or cream.  There you have it.  You can even impress your Superbowl party friends and mix these up instead of beer!

Note:  Next time I may use a blender and orange juice instead of soda.  You can be the judge! 


  1. Yumm. Sounds good to me.

  2. You can make shrimps with your vanilla flavored vodka. i am sure they would taste great. This drink looks delicious!

  3. Wow, shrimp would be diferent! I'll have to try that..