Thursday, May 15, 2014

Make Reno Sweeter with IceCycle Creamery

Yes, you've heard it here....a dream come cream for life!  What's it all about?  This is a new business start up in Reno, Nevada.  The owners are near and dear to son and daughter have decided to make the leap into the world of ice cream, although not just any ice cream.  I've provided their link and kickstarter campaign (to raise funds) on the right.  Press PLAY and watch the video and if you're compelled to do so because they have the know-how and entrepreneurial spirit, not to mention a great product, click on the big K in the left top corner!

You'll see their operation this Summer at food truck events, private parties or tastings, and anywhere they are summoned to.  You can hire them for your own ice cream social!  Some of their many flavors include Chocolate Curry, Sweet potato casserole, spumoni, cucumber lime sherbet, chocolate salted lavender and one of my favorites, goat cheese chocolate mint chip!  Yummy!  The picture above is Peach Cobbler, delicious!

To find out more, visit the website:

IceCycle Creamery Handmade Ice Cream

Kickstarter Campaign:

Be a huge part of Reno history and support this start up!

Honey Sesame flavor

Dairy-free coconut Thai Tea flavor

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