Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Best in the West" Rib Cookoff Outing

Traditionally since 1989, the Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada has held the Best in the West rib cook off.  It started with a handful of Casino properties and its customers warming ribs with sterno.  Over the years we've frequented this event and gotten our dose of pork, parking spaces allowing.  I admit there were those years when we'd drive over and circle the parking lots like a vulture hoping to find just one narrow parking space, only to give up and drive back home settling for a plan B dinner.

This year we took my parents for an outing and we also got lucky finding a parking space.  I guess the early bird does get the worm parking space.  This event now hosts approximately 500,00 people over the course of a few days serving about 100 tons of pork ribs!!  Barbecue establishments (24 this year) from all over the US compete for the best ribs.

Unfortunately, I didn't do the research because the ribs we chose didn't win anything, except, maybe, the "shortest line".  That should have been our first and only clue!  Oh well, there's always next year.  I was able to try a "new food" experience, compliments to my dad who made a beeline to the fried pickle stand.  I've never been a pickle aficionado, but the pickles got my curiosity and I'll usually try anything once, except hissing cockroaches!  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, but it's not something I could have as a steady diet!  I don't do deep-fried very well! 

Here's some pictures of our Labor Day outing.

Grandpa savoring those deep fried pickles

One of 24 competitors

Grandma enjoying her out for the pig!

Two guys and a pickle!


  1. The best way to experience the Rib Cook off is to purchase a table for around $850 for 8-10 people. You get to try all the ribs and all you can drink. Maybe next year.

    1. I agree....I also found out there's some kind of lottery you enter at the end of July for passes into "Rib village". And discounted first come first enter of "off" days like Wednesday, Thursday etc.