Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Girl Goes to the Beach

Back to the beach!  For my birthday I chose to satisfy all my senses.  Born and raised near the ocean, I have such a fondness for seafood, walking the tidepools, hiking on the bluffs overlooking the sea and just being able to breath in the moist salty air!  Believe it or not fog does not bother me, unless I need to drive in its soupy thickness.  At least you learn to appreciate those "perfect" days when the fog rolls back and the sun glistens across the water.

The past four days were spent in Half Moon Bay just 20 minutes south of San Francisco, yet WORLDS away!  I wanted to "retreat" with my best friend, my hubby and do all our favorite things.  Athough I didn't get to zip line (one of my favorites), I immersed myself into the coastal life of rising early and hiking the bluffs, walking tidepools, going to the beach, gorging on fresh seafood, taking lots of pictures, or just relaxing on our veranda while sipping some wine.  Happy birthday to fanfare.  I'll save that for maybe, 65 or 70 years young.

Here's a few moments at the beach retreat.

Seal Cove Inn

Hummingbird Haven

Beautiful Cottage Gardens

Trail to the beach through cypress forest

Relaxation time

One of many accessible beaches

Rare coastal sunset


  1. Glad you did exactly what you wanted for your special day. 60 ain't so bad, is it?

    1. Actusally no! I've got that 60atude going on. How about you?

  2. Wow, you and your hubby have a very good life, God has blessed you!